Duo Thirst

17 Aug 15


Welcome to Duothirst

Duothirst Ltd is a company that provides well designed and innovative sports products to the consumer that aim to provide convenience whilst helping to maximise performance.

Duothirst, a BPA free sports bottle which can hold two drinks, is the first of many state of the art products to come.

Duothirst was created by Alexander McKeown CEO and Founder of Duothirst Ltd. The Duothirst bottle arose from a combination of constructive discontent with a joint passion for innovation and design. Duothirst is suitable for anyone who is trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle and participate in any kind of sport at any level.


Using Duothirst couldn’t be easier, it’s been designed to be really intuitive to use. Simply fill the bottle halves with the drinks of your choice, then twist the top part of the lid to click into one of four possible positions. The first and third positions select the individual bottle halves, whilst the second and fourth positions allow access to both bottle halves at the same time. When the mouthpiece is pushed down the bottle is completely watertight.

With the second and fourth positions allowing you to access both compartments at the same time, this means Duothirst can also be used as a normal sports bottle, allowing you to have just one liquid in both compartments. Then when you want to have two drinks or a mixture of two drinks you have the option to do so.

So whether you want to have one, two or a mixture of two drinks Duothirst allows you to decide.