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Duothirst is the world's first single nozzled bottle that can hold two drinks simultaneously. 

This beautifully designed bottle not only looks great but it's also incredibly easy to use. It features our patent pending lid mechanism technology, allowing you to seamlessly alternate between drinks, accessing them through just one mouthpiece making the bottle super ergonomic. 

The bottle halves are identical making them really easy to put together once separated. They also feature a groove promoting easy grip. 

All in all Duothirst makes having two different drinks a breeze 

With such a wide range of features and functionality, is there any reason why you shouldn’t pre-order yours now?  

  • 900ml (30 oz) total volume, 450ml (15 oz) each side
  • Easy hold grip
  • Fits in bike holders, car cup holders and more
  • Change between drinks in seconds
  • Have 1, 2 or a mixture of both drinks
  • Easy flow single mouthpiece
  • Identical bottle halves
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Leakproof, Durable & Reusable
  • Available colours: Aqua Blue, Sunset Pink, Midnight Black, Arctic White (colour options are for the lid and base component of the bottle) 

Any purchases made at this point in time will be processed as PRE-ORDERS. These are expected to be fulfilled and delivered in the month of September, once all manufacturing and due diligence targets have been met.